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The most inspiring thing I find about watching my clients go through the A Yogafied Life mentoring program is their new found ability to truly show up for themselves. 

What does ‘showing up’ for yourself mean? 

When we show up for ourselves the day to day of our life flows effortlessly.  Crucial decisions down to small choices are made with clarity and ease.  Our wellbeing flourishes and previously challenging goals around healthy eating, weight loss or sustainable exercise become simple, accessible realities. 

In A Yogafied Life mentoring program I will guide you through a process of getting back in touch with your authentic self.  In today’s busy modern world, it’s too easy to lose site of what is truly important.

Have you ever taken the time to sit down and truly ask yourself what it is you want to create with your life? 

Only a small percentage of women take this action regularly.  It’s no surprise that they are often the most successful, happy and abundant among us. 

I came away with more energy and a sense of ease 1A Yogafied Life mentoring is an enhanced wellbeing program, which goes much further than a 60-minute yoga class.  This is high quality, personalised, holistic guidance where you get 100% access to my expert support and accountability. 

Somewhere in your heart do you have a secret yearning to help create incredible social change in your community? 

There is so much suffering in the world. With your newfound freedom and energy you discover through A Yogafied Life mentoring, actually living your big audacious dream becomes a reality

Do you want to run your own thriving business with a purpose
Perhaps you’d like to raise compassionate, present children?
Do you want to reconnect with old passions and express yourself through art, music or writing?  

I can show you how to effortlessly take your yoga off the mat and in to the world.

Has life been too predictable or too chaotic?

Have you been consumed by a negative inner critique that follows you around like a storm cloud?

Maybe ideas like purpose and passion seem like silly, unachievable dreams. 

Have you been distracted by unhealthy habits like binge drinking, over shopping, spending time with toxic people and just generally not putting your best self and wellbeing first? 

A Yogafied Life Mentoring Auckland

Through a consistent practice of showing up every day on your yoga mat and meditation cushion, you can completely change your story.  The discipline that this requires will inspire others. Through a dedicated practice, celebrating your process, together we will create space around the habits that don’t serve you.  

Now sitting down to create a vision is inspiring and captivating.

I believe in your ability to transform your life from tolerable to extraordinary.  All the while, appreciating the magnificence in the ordinary, the day to day.  Through a daily meditation practice, which can truly only be delivered from teacher to student, I believe you have the ability to release painful habits from the past and create a powerful, inspiring new way of being.   

To learn more, book a free 15 minute clarity call with me today and start showing up in your Yogafied Life. 

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