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Send love to your haters and watch life open up

Posted 17 August, 2017
Article 96
Why do some relationships work out and others end in flames?

You don’t have to be much older than five to experience the pointy end of someone else’s ego. In the playground not being invited to someone’s birthday party or complaining about the teacher looks like milk compared to ‘grown up’ crisis’ like a psycho boss or an acid throwing divorce settlement.
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Why you will never win the “my job is harder” battle & my secret solution

Posted 19 July, 2017
Article 93
Like most other families with young children, in our house adult only time has become more valuable than blood diamonds – and just as fiercely contested.

I began to notice a dialogue between my partner and I. A competition. Who worked harder, who sacrificed more, who was throwing themselves on the sword for the good of the family. The “my job is harder” battle had begun.
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Why the universe loves a believer..

Posted 16 June, 2017
Article 92
The main reason I’m so passionate about my A Yogafied Life coaching program is, that I absolutely love working alongside women as they learn to show up for themselves. What does it mean to ‘show up’ for yourself?
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10 ways to slow down when you're rushing

Posted 22 May, 2017
Article 86
In the past I strongly identified as, what we call in our family, a ‘fast walker’. I believed that this was a superior way to be, when compared to moderate or slow walking people. Luckily when I met my partner, he too was a fast walker and so together we have begun spawning a whole family of cyclones. Charming.

Call it the air element in me (or impatience), I love to be on the go.
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5 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do (& How To Avoid Them)

Posted 21 April, 2017
Article 83
Our mind-set is crucial.

It impacts everything from how we feel about the past to what we believe we’re worthy of in the future. Important relationships, our success in a particular creative project, our susceptibility to disease, experiences we attract – essentially mind-set is the filter through which we view all of the events that happen in our lives.

Read more on how to improve your mindset...
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5 Signs You Are Giving Away Your Power And What To Do About It

Posted 17 March, 2017
Article 80
When we are sitting in our personal truth, it can make it uncomfortable for some of those we are in close relationship with to sit comfortably in theirs. Then, out of love for that other person, we can start to question our own intuition. We can start to question the deep faith and belief we have in ourselves.
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