60 Fun Ideas To Inspire Your Self-Care

13 February, 2018

Most of us know that looking after ourselves is best for our success in life and our happiness.  However, unfortunately, many of us are not that good at it. 

Often as modern super women, we are so busy organising and rushing around looking after the needs of other’s, within our career, business or family that we forget to consider how our own energy stores will be re stocked.   

I created this list because I wanted to illustrate that self care is not all about strict healthy eating and intense fitness regimes, yoga or otherwise. 

Self-care for me is actually about creating space where I can feel looked after.  A space where I can enjoy my own company and be myself.  An emotional buffer zone from the craziness of every day life.

Wellbeing is our original state and a high quality yoga practice will always bring us back to this place of balance.  In my experience, it’s taking years.  But if all of life is a spiritual practice, and I believe that it is, then I’m more than willing to be patient on the journey. 

Here are my best 60 tips for inspiring your own self care – enjoy!  

  1. Take a hot bubble bath – pretty standard

  2. Call an old friend for a catch up

  3. Get a cuddle (anyone who’s offering!)

  4. Go for a gentle walk alone

  5. Go for a gentle walk with some whanau, your love

  6. Go to a movie by yourself, buy a choc top

  7. Start the day with meditation

  8. Write a letter to your brother or sister retelling a story about your relationship from the past  

  9. Get an early night, i.e. 8pm

  10. Rediscover intimacy – holding hands, slow kissing

  11. Binge on Netflix for an evening

  12. Go for a brisk walk

  13. Go for a walking meditation – as you walk & see things in nature you admire, quietly say to nature “love your work”

  14. Change the bed sheets, pay attention to your hotel corners

  15. Curl up with a hot water bottle, blanket and cup of tea

  16. Commit to 7 days of uninterrupted home yoga practice

  17. Book a holiday for 5 – 6 months time

  18. Pack the kids off to the grand parents for the weekend

  19. If you have modern grand parents who are far too busy, find a babysitter

  20.  Invest in a foot spa

  21. Eat chocolate coated ginger and sip peppermint tea

  22. Book a 1 hour Thai massage, ask them to focus on your upper back, hip flexors and feet

  23. On a blue sky day, lay on a picnic blanket and imagine shapes in the clouds

  24.  Sleep in

  25. Take a siesta

  26.  Making a cross with your body, lie back over a bolster (bolster needs to be underneath bra strap)

  27. Say no to opportunities – create space

  28. Go on a date

  29. For 7 days in a row, commit to doing something you fear every day (here’s some ideas – take a 5 minute cold shower, call someone you feel awkward tension with, turn off social media for a week…)

  30. Follow an 80/20 diet for 1 month.  80% wholefoods, 20% treats.

  31. Become mindful of recurring experiences, relationships and habits

  32. Get a life changing therapist

  33. Cut someone loose that’s been dragging you down

  34. Ring your mum for a chat (if you’re mum has passed, write her a love letter)

  35. Commit to 20 days of hand writing 20 things you’re grateful for

  36. Write a letter to someone you’ve held a grudge with expressing how you feel and offering forgiveness (send it/burn it)

  37. Go to a music festival with people half your age

  38. Go to a dinner party with people double your age

  39. Mentor children to be better, kinder humans  

  40. Use a kind voice to speak with yourself, especially when tired and/or stressed 

  41. Book a girls only weekend

  42. Clear clutter from your house, one drawer at a time

  43. Start the day with a warm lemon, ginger and honey drink

  44. Follow that with a fresh vegetable juice or green smoothie

  45. Listen to an inspiring pod cast in the TED X application

  46. Sift around on a Sunday afternoon reading newspapers and writing in journals

  47. Bake yourself a cake

  48. Take yourself shopping for a new item of clothing/shoes/earrings

  49. Learn a new language

  50. Write to someone you haven’t seen for a long time but holds a dear space in your heart

  51. Make a photo book of your loved ones

  52. Go horse riding

  53. Read an inspiring book

  54. Take your Dad out for lunch

  55. Visit the memorial for a friend that passed away, tell them about what you’ve been up to, about what their relationship meant

  56. Book a meditation/yoga retreat

  57. Go for a swim at the beach or a lake

  58.  Be in nature, preferably in bare feet

  59. At the end of your meditation, ask great questions

  60. Walk in the rain, surrender judgements and just experience the feeling on your skin, as if it was for the first time

If one of your goals is to commit to greater self-care in 2018, then please join us for my new restorative yoga course ‘Zen + Soften’ starting on Thursday the 15th of February, @ Birkdale House, Auckland.  Click here for course details and to book your spot.

Love Kate 



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