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5 Signs You Are Giving Away Your Power And What To Do About It

Posted 17 March, 2017
Article 80
When we are sitting in our personal truth, it can make it uncomfortable for some of those we are in close relationship with to sit comfortably in theirs. Then, out of love for that other person, we can start to question our own intuition. We can start to question the deep faith and belief we have in ourselves.
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Why It Is Essential To Rest, Allow And Let In

Posted 11 January, 2017
Article 76
If you’re like me, a wellbeing warrior, you might be signed-up to follow coaches, teachers or networks that inspire you to be the best version of yourself possible.

Well done you!

But have you noticed how the email inbox fills in the first week of January with many fabulous messages from said bloggers/coaches/inspirers with strategies for planning and achieving and creating and doing in the year ahead?
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Align To True Self Worth

Posted 21 November, 2016
Article 75
Right through my early adulthood I believed that positive self worth – that all alluring prize – was something that was gifted to you, or not. Like an extraordinary talent for painting, the gods blessed you with the ability to cheer your side and if not, well, get ready for a life of putting yourself down.

Luckily through a consistent meditation practice I’ve realised that nothing in life, especially things to do with our brains and the way we think, is fixed.
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Journey To The Centre Of Things

Posted 29 June, 2016
Article 71
My Sunday nights have changed dramatically in the last three years. As recently as 2013 I might have been out with a friend enjoying an early movie and Vietnamese pho dinner, or down at the local yoga studio practising yin yoga as late as 9pm. Since settling in the suburbs with my partner and becoming a mum, Sunday nights, at least on the surface, are a little less glamorous...

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The Ethical Choice - By Josephine Lorele

Posted 13 May, 2016
Article 70
Through many years of travel and at 35 having a little bit more maturity on my side, I have found myself changing my perspective on how I choose to live, how I travel and the consumer choices I make. From the clothing and products I purchase to the footprints I leave on the land I travel too and how this affects the people who inhabit it. I have found a shift from 'should' and 'would be nice' to - 'I need to do this'.
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Daily Self Care

Posted 12 May, 2016
Article 69
Our lives are constantly evolving. Even though occasionally the progress may seem slow, and we can sometimes complain about being stuck, when you think back over the last five years I’m sure, like me, there have been more than a few plot twists that took you by surprise. When we are old and weathered, looking back over a life long-lived, how we reacted when life threw us those curve balls will have been what ultimately lead to our fulfilment or, possibly, our disappointment.

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