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Would You Like Some Yin With Your Yang?

Posted 10 November, 2015
Article 50
Everybody has an entry point for their journey with yoga. For some it might be a particular teacher or studio that resonates. For others it might be a interesting practice or technique. It could even be the impact of a amazing book, that gives you such a change in perspective that it leaves you wanting more.
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Conscious Parent, Conscious Kids

Posted 15 October, 2015
Article 59
Like many young people when I finished secondary school I had no idea about what I wanted to ‘do’ with my life. I had been taught from a young age to seek outside of myself to gain knowledge and form identity.
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Working In On Retreat

Posted 11 October, 2015
Article 47
Gaia Oasis retreat is situated on Bali’s northern coast. Hundreds of miles away from the bustling, bogan and Bintang filled streets of Kuta, it is something to be experienced. A long azure coastline winds its way to the horizon. Gently lapping waves inviting you to come in and explore the treasure of coral beneath. Tropical gardens with florescent exotic flowers in coral, red, fuchsia trim the edges of neatly cobbled paths. It is a quiet place for rest and solitude.
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Santosha - By Tracey Ingram

Posted 8 September, 2015
Article 45
Guest Post: Tracey Ingram grew up in New Zealand and currently lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she completed her Vinyasa teacher training. She has experienced various forms of yoga since meeting the practice in 2006, and fell in love with Vinyasa in 2013. As the managing editor of a busy magazine, Tracey feels that yoga is a powerful tool for balancing daily life and for the practice of svādhyāya, or self-study. She is also particularly interested in the energy body and is a certified Level 1 Pranic Healer.
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Out With The Old In With The New

Posted 8 September, 2015
Article 46
Winter has left the building. Thank god. I’m not sure if I could have managed even a few more days of those bleak frosty doldrums. Not to mention another month of outrageous electricity bills. Every winter it’s the same, I open the bill ‘how can it possibly be!’ – however they’ve read the metre, the figure is fact, you must accept and move on. Begrudgingly.
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Home-birth To Hospital – The Story Of My Labour’s Last Minute Scene Change

Posted 21 August, 2015
Article 61
The inception of our son was a terrifying surprise for my partner and I. We were not planning a family so soon and his entrance stage left snuck up behind us without much warning.

However, being of appropriate ages and in the best place a relationship can be in we chose full steam ahead in to parenthood. A decision we are yet to regret.
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