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Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

Posted 9 January, 2016
Article 63
If I asked you to describe for me your ‘dream life’ how easy do you think that would be? Seriously think about it for a moment. Imagine sitting down in front of your computer screen with the home page open to Google and typing in anything you want. Like you’ve won Lotto, but that influx of wealth can be applied to any part of your life – the perfect adoring partner, a successful business, home ownership, a best-selling book, rekindled friendship… If you’re in a great place right now, perhaps there are already aspects of your life that are ‘as good as it gets’. Bravo. However, for many of us there will be certain areas of our experience – relationships, wellbeing, career, finances, spirituality or connection with self – that could do with some extra magic.
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Placenta Encapsulation - Miracle Cure or Voodoo?

Posted 16 December, 2015
Article 58
Moments after the birth of my son, our beautiful midwife was very keen to give me a detailed biology lecture on the state of our shared organ – the magical placenta. As I looked across the thinly splayed placenta, I couldn’t help but notice it’s similarity to beef cheek or some other kind of pummelled red mound in the fridge at Countdown. It had been a day of extremes and I didn’t want to spend too much time looking at it. She had it bundled away and later that year after a lengthy sojourn at the back of the freezer (clearly marked “PLACENTA DO NOT EAT”) we took it to a sacred place for us and buried it under a sapling.
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Gratitude Is A Beautiful Thing

Posted 9 December, 2015
Article 54
The music and literature of Christmas is imbued with the not-so-subtle message that the festive season is a time of giving and thanks. But you only need to cast an eye around our society to see that for the majority of us, especially children, Christmas has become mostly about acquiring.
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Would You Like Some Yin With Your Yang?

Posted 10 November, 2015
Article 50
Everybody has an entry point for their journey with yoga. For some it might be a particular teacher or studio that resonates. For others it might be a interesting practice or technique. It could even be the impact of a amazing book, that gives you such a change in perspective that it leaves you wanting more.
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Conscious Parent, Conscious Kids

Posted 15 October, 2015
Article 59
Like many young people when I finished secondary school I had no idea about what I wanted to ‘do’ with my life. I had been taught from a young age to seek outside of myself to gain knowledge and form identity.
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Working In On Retreat

Posted 11 October, 2015
Article 47
Gaia Oasis retreat is situated on Bali’s northern coast. Hundreds of miles away from the bustling, bogan and Bintang filled streets of Kuta, it is something to be experienced. A long azure coastline winds its way to the horizon. Gently lapping waves inviting you to come in and explore the treasure of coral beneath. Tropical gardens with florescent exotic flowers in coral, red, fuchsia trim the edges of neatly cobbled paths. It is a quiet place for rest and solitude.
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