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Yoga To Soothe Morning Sickness

Posted 19 August, 2015
Article 60
It is exactly two years since I was in the first trimester with my son Theo, yet the dazed and unending weeks that I suffered with morning sickness still haunt me. It crept in around week five, steady whole body lethargy and deep gut nausea with occasional vomiting. Delightful.
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Finding Your Balance In Cray Cray Times

Posted 12 August, 2015
Article 42
I am normally quite a healthy specimen. In my youth I suffered consistently from adrenal fatigue, two late nights in a row and my glands would flare up. However since embracing a daily meditation practice and bringing more yoga and consciousness in to my day-to-day life, all of those old recurring habits softly faded away.
That is until my son Theo turned up on the scene.

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Meditation: My pregnancy saviour

Posted 23 July, 2015
Article 62
Before I fell pregnant I viewed pregnancy as something of an enlightened experience. Steadily over 9 months the body blossoms, you glow from the inside out, floating around in soft maxi dresses, people spoil you with gifts and sweet treats while your only important decision is coming up with a unique and meaningful name for your new protégé.
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Discovering Your Practice

Posted 12 July, 2015
Article 41
There are many different styles of yoga to suit every kind of taste and constitution. Personally I have practised many varieties, including Power, Hatha Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Meditation and more recently Iyengar. I suppose you could say that I am a mut when it comes to my yoga style. Yes I just compared myself to a dog. The loving, from the pound, street-wise kind of yogi ☺
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The Very Good Habit of Meditation

Posted 7 June, 2015
Article 40
Students and friends often ask me how I have managed to keep up my twice a day meditation practice for nearly 5 years. I can’t say I’ve been completely by the book, meditating every single morning and afternoon without fail, but I’d put my hand on my heart and say I was 90% on and it’s this commitment that’s made all the difference.
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Dosha Questionnaire

Posted 2 June, 2015
Article 39
If you haven't yet determined your Ayurvedic mind-body type - your dosha - this questionnaire will assist you.
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