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Highway To The Danger Zone

Posted 15 August, 2014
Article 26
On Sunday morning I took my open-minded boyfriend to a master yoga class at Body Mind Life Surry Hills led by visiting American yogi Chanel Luck. It was an experiment in how far I could lead him in to the alternative world I call home, like stepping through the wardrobe to Nania with the fawn, enticing ‘just a little further’ ‘just a little longer’ with that unsettling background fear that it’s going to go all wrong.
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A Yogi Survival Guide to The Gym

Posted 10 June, 2014
Article 25
Historically I have had a strong aversion to gyms. Their predominantly male, Arnold Schwarzenegger’esque clientele, hundreds of bodies pounding away on grey running machines day dreaming as Fox television blares up ahead, that wall of personal trainers, blonde hair, blue eyes, size six.
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Love Birds

Posted 12 April, 2013
Article 24
Husband and wife team Mischka Prem and Lulu Hogg are two motivated Australian kirtan artists who are so clearly in love, you might wonder if they’ve been fed a love potion. I recently met the pair to discuss their current project, their first self-funded studio album. A grand under taking which they are promoting through Pozible.com to help fundraise the $10,000 needed to get their album on the record and in to a yoga studio near you.
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Be My, Be My Guru.

Posted 31 January, 2013
Article 23
Amy Winehouse was 27 years old when she died. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news, partying in a dodgy Bricklane pub in London with my closest friends. I recall that gutless feeling of total dis belief mixed with a lost kind of sadness. Poor Amy, how prescript was her fate in the end?
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Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes. Learning To Suck It Up.

Posted 20 January, 2013
Article 22
Last Autumn I opened my front door and welcomed a perfect stranger that would in time become the most outstanding flat mate I’ve ever had the pleasure of living with.

Trudy arrived with a beautifully presented store bought strawberry cheesecake. My tummy, so impressed, had all but offered her the room before she crossed the threshold. Seriously, who brings cheesecake to a flat viewing? Legends, that’s who.
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The 80/20 Rule

Posted 18 November, 2012
Article 21
We literally are what we eat. Isn’t it incredible to think that our bodies can break down salads and sandwiches and poached eggs on toast and turn it in to eyelashes and blood and cartilage? If there is nothing that tells you that there is a greater intelligence at work in this universe, let this be your evidence! Or you could also Youtube ‘Bananas, an atheists nightmare’.
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