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How Slow Is Becoming The New Fast: The Art of Resting Down

Posted 13 October, 2012
Article 16
Do you often find yourself telling the story of how busy you are to anyone that will listen? I do. All the time. Frustratingly I am becoming one of those people that you need to book in with two weeks in advance to catch up with, timetabled to the last breath of the day. Exercise, buy groceries, work, very important appointments, soak seeds for breakfast in 3 days (chia porridge in joke), fold towels, respond to emails, catch train on time, sleep, see that film, clean bathroom, work, book course, exercise, meditate, plan, arrange, organise, coordinate; every day the same, rushing to relax.
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10 Ways To Cut Back On Drinking, Have A Detox Or Quit For Good

Posted 6 October, 2012
Article 15
From a tender age when my responsible mother would send me off to high school parties with 2 or 3 sickly sweet RTD’s, I have been a consumer and occasional abuser of the bottle. Coming from New Zealand where the love of a good time & binge drinking is historically ingrained in the culture, this isn’t too surprising. However over the years my love of a few drinks has turned in to a sad tale of regret with disasters including losing valuable possessions, accident and emergency rooms, blacked out one night occasions, alter ego rampages, not to mention head wound hangovers and 100 McPilgrimages.
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Yogi’s Weekend Down South – An exploration With Sangha

Posted 2 October, 2012
Article 14
Driving along the highway, further and further from Sydney’s structured reach we start to encounter the trees. Soaked and skinny, Australian gum trees start crowding in around, the night air is thick with sweet eucalyptus and a transient spring storm. We’re 4 hours late from our arrival time after taking 3 wrong turns. Yes, we had iPhones with working maps. It didn’t matter, in the presence of good company time slips past like high tides, lost in each others stories we went off map and got lost. It’s adventurous and tiring and memory making.
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