A 3 Step Process To Prioritise Friendship Over Busyness

13 March, 2018

Have you ever had that experience of being so crazy busy that you allow two or more months to go by before connecting with a good friend?  When you finally do reach out and see them you find yourself thinking why have I left this so long.   

Life as a working mum can require a master’s degree in time management.  Often when we have a long list of ‘to-do’s’ and responsibilities, catching up with a girlfriend can seem like a guilty pleasure.     

Also if our children are young, we can feel that we have a pretty good reason for not maintaining certain relationships.  Life has changed after all and our energy is required somewhere else. 

However being in the company of a true friend who is like-minded can provide us with the support and fertile soil in which to plan our dreams and create our highest potential.   

My four-year-old son has a best friend at his crèche that he refers to as his brother.  Every day I drop him off and brother is also in attendance they run to each other like magnets and give each other a huge hug.   

Younger children make great friends because they are totally present in the moment and not caught up worrying about the future or complaining about the past.   

When we are present in the moment our capacity for greater compassion, better listening, and having more fun are all enhanced – and it’s these three ingredients – compassion, listening and fun that result in the best friendships. 

Busyness is the enemy of presence.      

Have you been feeling sad about a certain friendship that has fallen by the wayside?  There are only so many breaths in a day and you can’t maintain relationship with every joker on the street.   

However those that: 

- INSPIRE you 
- LOVE YOU warts and all  
- MAKE YOU LAUGH hysterically  
- CALM you 
- LISTEN to you 
- VALUE you 


Are reminding you of your PURPOSE.  So staying connected in these friendships is another valuable tool in our own self-care and inner nourishment. 

Here is a simple, 3-step process you can use to help you prioritize important friendships over being busy.   

3 Step Process 

Identify 2 – 3 friendships that truly inspire your purpose and add them in some way to your goal setting/vision board.  You might like to print out photos of the two of you together and add them to your altar.   

Create a reminder to connect with those people on a fortnightly basis.  Catching up does not have to be a huge production; even a simple phone call can create meaning and connection.    

Practice embodying gratitude for these friendships.  When you have a quiet moment to yourself (maybe in the shower) share out loud why you are grateful for this friend and how they have blessed your life – come up with as many as you like, but at least three.  


“I am grateful for you Jane.  You have always been there for me through thick and thin.  I am blessed to have a loyal friend like you in my life”   

Would you like to learn more practices like this to simplify life and connect to what is truly important? 

If developing and maintaining friendships which feel more like soul connections resonates with you, please click here to join our private Facebook group Gratitude Is My Superpower and join a fabulous, like minded group of women on a journey of wellbeing, gratitude and fun!  

Lotsa love,  




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