Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes. Learning To Suck It Up.

20 January, 2013

Last Autumn I opened my front door and welcomed a perfect stranger that would in time become the most outstanding flat mate I’ve ever had the pleasure of living with.

Trudy arrived with a beautifully presented store bought strawberry cheesecake. My tummy, so impressed, had all but offered her the room before she crossed the threshold. Seriously, who brings cheesecake to a flat viewing? Legends, that’s who.

Stunning on the outside and in, I grew to love Trudy’s sweet optimism towards every day things. Her abundant ebony hair, framing almond brown eyes that sat in a wise beyond years face.

And! She loved to juice! I had hit the jack-pot.

Over the next 8 months we became good friends. Listening to each other’s sagas, gossiping over Sunday night 60-minute marathons and divulging secrets about our hopes and dreams.

In a world of flakes, Trudy was my anchor as I worked full time, studied for 500 hours of teacher training and held the mirror up to my all to imperfect face. A journey even some of my closest friends couldn’t bear to witness.

At my 30th birthday Trudy was the one setting up the gazebo at 10am, preparing food, lighting birthday cake candles and generally faffing around. Not to mention the tiring clean up.

P1070541 300x225

So this morning as she packed her final things, dragged her suitcase thud by thud down the staircase and handed back the keys, I had a sudden vision of that fresh faced girl holding the strawberry cheesecake just 10 months ago.

Where the fuck does the time go? Can somebody please tell me!

I think it’s a testament to my own self-development and increasing self-love that the universe bought me Trudy. After a couple of embarrassing blow-ups, break ups and over reactions in flats in my ‘hay day’ of London, it was so refreshing to look after someone and be looked after back.

But as the Beatles so truthfully sang, all things must pass, all things must fade away. On her own blessed journey, Trudy is moving back home to Queensland to finish University and I know she will be happy.

But a small part of me, that child part, sitting forlorn on the garden fence with bottom lip stuck out is in need of nurturing.

Even though I’m expect Trudy and I will know each other for years to come, it will never be quite the same again. People move on with their lives, some you stay in touch with regularly, others fall through the cracks of time and distance.

You sit thinking to yourself one day “I wonder what ever happened to them”, stalk them up on Facebook, see they’re lives unravelled in completely unpredictable ways.

It’s experiences like this that remind me how grateful I am for the beautiful people in my life. The delights, experiences and adventures they bring to me every minute of every week.

Change 224x300

Even those old friends, from the far reaches of the wardrobe, who I might see once in a blue moon, but when we do fall in to the same effortless banter. So refreshing.

Makes me feel like rushing out in to the street this week and doing something amazing for the universe to say thank you.

Thinking cap on Southward. In the months to come I expect this gratefulness will be the fuel for the fire.

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