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12 May, 2016

Our lives are constantly evolving.  Even though occasionally the progress may seem slow, and we can sometimes complain about being stuck, when you think back over the last five years I’m sure, like me, there have been more than a few plot twists that took you by surprise. 

When we are old and weathered, looking back over a life long-lived, how we reacted when life threw us those curve balls will have been what ultimately lead to our fulfilment or, possibly, our disappointment.

This is why it’s important for us to develop day-to-day rituals that enhance our wellbeing and encourage us to be present in the moment. 

When we’re stuck up in our heads, always overwhelmed by the loud roar of the mind, it’s easy to rush through the days, weeks, months and years –  until suddenly you’re just like every other middle aged person you knew when you were young, complaining about where the time went.  

You may have heard of the concept of the ‘energy cup’.  You have your own energy cup and you know innately what fills it up or depletes it. 

Things that fill my energy cup are spending time with my family, meditation/yoga and trying to stick to an 80/20 diet, among many other things.

Conversely, things that deplete my energy cup are mindlessly surfing the internet, over-shopping and knowingly over committing myself, among many other things! 

When we work from a place of abundant energy, anything seems possible.  Good health and wellbeing flows into all aspects of our lives: relationships, career, home, creative projects.  Of course, the challenges of life don’t stop arriving, but our reaction and how we cope with these challenges are greatly improved.

Unfortunately this is also where self-sabotage will come in. 

For many of us we have an aversion to feeling the best we can possibly feel, so we procrastinate, ignore, miss our practice and turn back to the easy, well-known road instead. 

By developing daily, consistent practices, even small things, we help to develop a powerful inner resolve that can crack these habits once and for all.   

Here is a list of optimal day-to-day self-care habits that I recommend to all my clients:

  1. Meditate daily.  Optimally twenty minutes in the morning before breakfast and twenty minutes again late afternoon/early evening.  If you’re a Mum to young kids, fitting it in around your already busy schedule whereever you can is perfect 

  2. Sing your gratitude.  Write down two to three things you’re grateful for and put it in a glass jar for a rainy day OR even better verbally tell someone (colleague, partner, child, friend) what your specifically grateful to them for.

  3. Uphold an 80/20 diet.  For lasting energy through out the day, focus on eating whole foods that keep you full the longest.  This means reducing heavily produced carbohydrates in favour of high proteins and natural fats.  Of course treat yourself occasionally: a diet based entirely on restrictions will be hard to maintain long term.   Experiment with nutrient dense wholefoods and see which ones keep your body full the longest – everybody will be different.

  4. Move. The body wants to be moved and moved daily.  Once we balance our energy levels, finding the motivation to be active 5-6 times a week is easier.  Do not discount walking the kids to school, wandering the isles of countdown or cleaning the house!  Find what your body enjoys to do, for some of us it’s yoga asana, for others it’s dancing, cycling, walking, going to the gym, playing outside with the kids – energy is not fussy, it just requires movement.     

  5. Reduce acidity in the body.  Our bodies know how to create a natural equilibrium between acid and alkaline. But diets of highly processed food and habits of living up in our heads can make us  tend heavily towards the acidic.

The Ayurvedic practice of scraping the back of your tongue when brushing your teeth first thing in the morning will help the body to remove unwanted acid. You can easily buy a tongue scraper online or from an Ayurvedic practitioner.  Also, increasing your intake of green, leafy vegetables to 3 + servings is a great alkaline booster. 

                Please refer back to point one for the greatest acid reducer of them all!

In my coaching service I work with wonderful people one-on-one to help them recognise the habits that are holding them back and set up practices that will encourage greater energy, presence and enjoyment in all aspects of their lives.  

To enquire about availability please drop me a line.


Kate x




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