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8 November, 2017

NEWSFLASH: You’re allowed to be creative and have fun while you’re doing it.

I absolutely love celebrating Halloween. 

I don’t know why. I’m not an American.  In fact I barely remember celebrating it as a child.  We lived on a quiet country lane in Hawkes Bay and there were two neighbours within a mile to ask for sweets.   

However, fast forward twenty years and our street - a cul-de-sac in suburban Auckland –  has a reputation as a safe spot to release your babes for a spring evening of dress-ups, door knocking and sweet hording.

This year Halloween fell on a Tuesday, which is usually a day for A Yogafied Life business.  But one of the many blessings of working for yourself is you can push all your deadlines aside and get down to the crucial business of decorating your house and painting your face bright green. 

IMG 20171031 WA0001 This year, when I woke in the morning I noticed a little guilt tape playing.  It was saying things like...

“You shouldn’t go so hard for Halloween”
“It’s not necessary to spend time on this”
“You should be doing X, Y and Z instead” (I won’t bore you with all the details). 

And then something happened.  I checked in with my Louise Hay (blessed be her name) daily affirmation calendar and it reminded me of the following truth;

Remember to have fun today.  Allow your creativity to flow forward and have fun in the process!

 Can I get an AMEN for Louise?  That sister is always reminding me to let go and allow creativity to flow. 

Halloween comes once a year.  My heart and soul LOVE to celebrate it.  I genuinely get a lift out of giving all the neighbourhood kids a little entertainment and sugar. 

FYI, this is some serious decorating.  The ladder is pulled out from under the house.  A high-powered staple gun is put to use.  Large swaths of black fabric have been purchased for optimal impact.  Anything that could create a horrible scene is brought out of the shed.  Think the lawn mower, shearing scissors, fake blood and anything resembling a cauldron. 

I get it, Halloween isn’t everyone’s bag.  For some people Christmas is the bag.  For others travelling to Italy is the bag. A wedding.  A life-drawing class.  A secret book of poems. Singing lessons.

What have you got in you that is wanting to be created?  What is in your heart that is tapping you on the shoulder asking you to be released? 

As adults we have to put down our fear. 

A book doesn’t have to be published to be expressed.  A poem doesn’t have to be sold to be shared.  A painting doesn’t have to be a Picasso for the artist to enjoy the process of creating it.  

What’s your Halloween?  What’s your creative project?  Are you spending, just a little bit of time on it this week? 

I’d love to hear about your creativity – wins and woes – you’re welcome to join our new ‘Gratitude is our Superpower’ Facebook community.  It’s free to join and shaping up to be a fun, inspiring space to get our creative juices flowing.

If you’d like to speak with me directly, book a free 15-minute clarity call, it would be a joy to speak with you. 

Lotsa love
Kate x   

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