Release Your Resistance

5 May, 2015

‘The Law of Attraction’ is a philosophical concept that ‘like attracts like’ and I believe after researching a lot on the subject that a regular yoga or meditation practise can help you fine tune your ability to wield this law to attract whatever in your life you would like to see more of.    

So please tell me what your magnificent goal looks like today? Save a million, lose 10kg, be a positive influence for others, start a business, improve your health, find the right relationship, improve a broken relationship, attract a better boss (you’d be surprised how often this one comes up!); by utilising The Law of Attraction your dream could become a reality quickly.

In a nutshell it’s about feeling as good about yourself as you can possibly feel ~ not fake feelings, real, true, kind, loving feelings.  Getting yourself to a place where you and the thing you’re trying to attract are the same vibration ~ forgive me non-hippies. 

In his book ‘The Compound Effect’ (which is an incredible, life changing book which everyone should read) author and coach Darren Hardy explains;

“Our brain is always trying to align our outer world with what we’re seeing and expecting in our inner world.  So, when you instruct your brain to look for the things you want, you will begin to see them.  In fact, the object of your desire has probably always existed around you, but your mind and eyes weren’t open to “seeing” it.  In reality this is how the Law of Attraction really works.  It is not the mysterious, esoteric voodoo it sometimes sounds like.  It’s far simpler and more practical than that.”

I love that so much.  

But what if you set your intentions, you get your heart in the right place, you ask for what you want and… nothing.  Well my friend, then like many of us you have resistances. 

Resistances come in two main forms:  fears and doubts.  You don’t even realise they’re there.  Imagine for a moment that your dream life had come true and everything you wished for fell in your lap.  How would this affect your relationships, career and spirituality? 

Your subconscious mind has evaluated all these scenarios in advance for you and now you send out two vibrations.   The first, the dream you are after and the second the fear/doubt around getting it ~ whatever is the stronger feeling within you the universe will provide that experience.    

How to overcome resistances

To over come our resistances we must face each fear or doubt head on and change our perspective about it.  Some may take more budging than others. 

I feel the optimal tool for this is a consistent meditation practice.  When we meditate we are slowly expanding our levels of consciousness and enjoying deep levels of relaxation. 

Through this practise of deep rest, we are able to get clearer about who we are and what we want.  The mind becomes less cluttered and sharper.  We are able to focus more on the thoughts we want and less on the thoughts we don’t.  I have been meditating for five years and this has been my experience. 

Another good technique is Emotional Frequency Tapping (EFT) where you go around various acupressure points on the body tapping while repeating positive affirmations ~ it sounds crazy – it works!  I have been able to release lots of boring old negative tapes using this strategy.  You can review a great free introductory lesson in this You Tube clip featuring legendary life coach Louise Hay (click here).

Another great way is journaling, getting down out of your head all those fears and doubts and analysing them for what they truly are.  Here are some great questions that you can ponder to help this process...

  • Is the pain too great to stay the same?

  • Do I constantly picture an alternate reality?

  • Is the only thing holding me back my fear of newness?

  • If I knew I couldn’t fail what would I do?

  • If I knew I had to fail what would I do?

  • What are the situations where I feel the most vulnerable?

  • And so on …

If you would like some help interpreting your writing or unblocking resistances, please contact me for a coaching session ~ I would be delighted.   

Happy manifesting friends!


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