Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever

9 January, 2016

If I asked you to describe for me your ‘dream life’ how easy do you think that would be? Seriously think about it for a moment. Imagine sitting down in front of your computer screen with the home page open to Google and typing in anything you want.  Like you’ve won Lotto, but that influx of wealth can be applied to any part of your life – the perfect adoring partner, a successful business, home ownership, a best-selling book, rekindled friendship…  If you’re in a great place right now, perhaps there are already aspects of your life that are ‘as good as it gets’. Bravo.  However, for many of us there will be certain areas of our experience – relationships, wellbeing, career, finances, spirituality or connection with self – that could do with some extra magic.  

When we delve deeper in to our practice we find this search for greater purpose and meaning is at the essence of yoga.  Some of my students won’t want to hear about such possibilities.  As the years roll by we become rigidly attached to the practicality of habits; “I must keep this job to keep paying the mortgage” “Once these renovations are complete, then I’ll be happy’ ‘This relationship isn’t working because he won’t change” – all thoughts that could be broadly re-categorised under the umbrella of “I’m afraid”. 

As children we lived more consistently in the present moment, which is to say we were more closely aligned with nature. Our dreams, hopes, aspirations flowed effortlessly. If only we could reconnect with that much younger version of ourselves and truly understand that it is never too late to start again.   The good news is this ‘inner child’ is forever with us, like a long distance phone call, we just need a good line to make connection and get the conversation flowing again.

Although goal-setting can be visited at any time in the year, there is something about the start of a new year which can help build momentum.  This is because within our human community many of us are having thoughts of fresh starts and achieving goals, together the collective consciousness is a powerful tool and one that is influencing us individually 24/7.  

I read recently that goals are 90% more effective when we write them down.  Isn’t that incredible! How many people do you know that write down their goals? I’m going to take a cynical guess and say not many.  Writing out goals does not need to be complicated.  Simply grab your diary (invest in a nice new one for 2016 if you can), take some time in meditation to ask for guidance on what it is you want to create in 2016, then under the following titles let your imagination loose… Truly, you are only limited by the depths of your imagination.  

Immediate goals (1 – 3 months)



Short-term goals (3months to 1 year)



Mid-term goals (1 – 5 years)



Long-term goals (5 – 15 years)



From these notes my next step is to design a vision board.  A vision board is a very powerful tool, where we show our subconscious mind what to pay attention to and in that process we are able to attract certain things/experiences into our lives.  I know it all sounds ‘a bit airy fairy’, however I have personally been using vision boards for the last four years and that reality is THEY WORK. 

To create your own vision board simply follow my instructions above and sit down in front of Google image search, typing in the lovely things you want to see in your life.  For example if you want to improve your diet and make healthier choices, choose pictures of vegetables & fruit/a nutribullet/cookbooks that inspire you/a dietician you want to work with.  If you want a new relationship choose pictures of people doing activities you would do with your partner, some keywords about the kind of person you hope to attract, or weddings!  Etc.  The sky is the limit here.

But how does yoga play a part in this?  Our yoga practices help to purify us on many levels. When we have a consistent asana, pranayama and meditation practice we are cleansing ourselves of the past and allowing new, fresh energy to flow through all parts of our lives.  Imagine a stagnant river being flushed with fresh rain water and the new life this would bring. It is this very process that allows us to become closer to our essential nature and tune in to what it is that our soul truly desires.  Although you may start this activity by saying  “My dream is to be worth 20 million dollars”, if your higher self doesn’t agree that that is an experience you need to have on your path to higher evolution, you won’t be getting that.  The practice is to get in touch with what you already know, fine tune your purpose and intentions and create from that place.  Then the universe will not be able to say no to you.   

In my experience this journey of self-discovery is more easily achieved when in the company of like-minded people and friends – or as we describe in yoga, our ‘sangha’.  On Saturday (16th of January) I will be getting the Yogafied Life sangha together to discuss in detail how to make 2016 your best year ever.  All are welcome, including beginners.  During this workshop I will take you through an inspiring vinyasa asana sequence, then I will delve further in to my personal journey with vision boards and what I’ve been able to manifest.  We will then have a go at creating our vision boards for 2016!

Sound fun?

Click here to read more about this workshop and book your mat online today.   


Love Kate x 

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