Why It Is Essential To Rest, Allow And Let In

11 January, 2017

Happy new year, beautiful soul,

If you’re like me, a wellbeing warrior, you might be signed-up to follow coaches, teachers or networks that inspire you to be the best version of yourself possible. 

Well done you!

But have you noticed how the email inbox fills in the first week of January with many fabulous messages from said bloggers/coaches/inspirers with strategies for planning and achieving and creating and doing in the year ahead? 

You may have already started down a few of these paths, jotting down goals and day dreaming about what 2017 will look like for you. 

If you’ve worked with me as a one-on-one client, you know that creating a vision is central to the work we do together.  Yoga practice is about 1000-times more effective when we have a clear vision of what we want to align and attract in this life. 

It’s a fabulous process to dream and recognise the desires that come bubbling up from within.  

But I’m also mindful that we have a real sweet tooth for ‘doing’.  When creating spills over in to doing, things can quickly get out of balance.

It’s common to believe that to be successful, to achieve everything our heart desires, we have to work extremely hard and accept the by-products: busyness and… stress. 

Stress is thine enemy –

Of course the purpose of planning and goal setting are positive things like motivation and clarity, however for some of us these prompts can stir up the monkey mind and cause anxiety.  The process can be overwhelming and we might feel like giving up before we even start. 

One of the most important things my yin yoga practice has taught me is the value of resting down to let in.  You see, the truth is we are already 100% complete.  We arrive in our mother’s wombs a pure whole being. But of course once we are born we spend our whole lives looking for something to fill us up, to make us feel whole again. 

We look for this wholeness in relationships, careers, courses, possessions, money, experiences, but it’s never quite as we remembered it.  This searching often becomes obsessive doing.  We want to know how it will happen and we want to know when. 

Do any of these statements ring true for you?

“I want life to go my way”
“I’m afraid of allowing life to unfold, I’d rather direct life”
“I don’t want to know I don’t have total control”

 I’ve been in all of these places.

 If we can get out of the way and allow life to unfold for us, then suddenly things can become abundant and very exciting.

The master allows things to happen
She shapes events as they come
She steps out of the way
And lets the Tao speak for itself - The Daodejing

The ‘art of allowing’ is not something picked up overnight and needs to be practised regularly.  This is why balancing our yang asana practices with the subtle practices of yin, pranayama and meditation is essential.  In the still space we are connected with our deeper truth, we allow ourselves to be that which we already are.  No doing needs to take place.  No busyness, acquiring or learning.  

God Can Only Function When You Are Not – Osho

So how do we truly rest? This will be different for everyone, as we are all unique. But this is what it looks like for me;

True conscious rest that supports a greater version of me:
Yin/restorative yoga asana
Napping/ yawning
Yoga Nidra
Reading about the truth
Taking baths
Floating in the sea

Distraction that feels restful but doesn’t support a greater version of me:
Watching TV
Mindlessly surfing the internet
Checking the news
Prowling social media

Something in there you can relate to?

I’m not saying give up planning.  Absolutely have your dream, make your plans, connect with your core desires and admire them for the rare flowers that they are. 

But accept that life is coming.  It’s going to get in the way.  The curve balls will come thick and fast.  Be strong but be flexible, hold on to dreams softly with gentle hands.  The universe is going to provide in every moment that which you need most.

This is the focus of my practice in 2017.  Hold the vision clearly, then rest down and allow.


 Is this blog ringing true for you, beautiful soul?

 Will you be in Auckland on Sunday the 22nd of January

I am humbled and excited to be teaching in international yoga teacher Nik Robson’s famous Yin Marathon at True Food & Yoga and my practice on the day will be inspired by these thoughts. 

So if you want to experience my teaching – and explore the subtle practices of yoga, beyond the mind and body – please come and join us. Click here to review the event details on Facebook.  There will be many amazing teachers offering a great experience.  Even if you’ve never practised yin before, I know you will love it.  This is a by donation workshop.

Create some space for the beautiful things waiting for you to rise up.  

Dates for my ‘Nourish Her’ workshop in Auckland are coming soon :)

Lotsa love


Kate x



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