“When I can’t sing my heart, I can only speak my mind” 9 Perfect Practices To Reconnect With The Heart.

27 October, 2012

These days we tend to over mentalize the world around us.  You wouldn’t guess we were at the forefront of evolution, racing around every day going between our business, thinking over 60,000 thoughts a day, obsessing about what to cook for dinner or some comment a colleague said 3 days ago.  It’s enough to let out a random and very defeated sigh.

Here are 9 outstanding ways to reconnect with your heart and create space between your soul and the thinking addiction.

1. Practice yoga.  Seems obvious enough.  But this doesn’t just have to mean yoga asana – if going to the movies makes your heart sing, then add that to your specific list of yogic practices.

2. Inner smile.  You might have heard a yoga teacher sing this tune and it’s a good one. At any time during the day, undertaking any menial task like brushing your teeth or chatting with the neighbour, see if you can do it with an inner smile or even better an actual smile, which is proven to relax the central channel and heart muscles.

3. Make a playlist. Think of those songs that symbolise special moments in time – that heart break, that summer, that year, that friendship lost – compile it and listen in secrecy.

4. Grassy toes. Once a week go to a park or garden and connect your feet with mother earth.  Walk around in circles reading your Kindle. Feel the energy coming up through your soles, grounding you down.

5. Organise a ‘me only’ weekend. Sometimes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control with planned activities. We allow saying ‘no’ to friends to send us in to a guilt trip. Schedule a ‘me only’ weekend and clear the diary, be strong, learn to say no. Use your time randomly and with pleasure, catch a ferry with no return ticket, photograph sea birds, eat cup cakes, don’t tell anyone what you did.

6. Ring someone and tell them you love them. Make that message the specific context of the call and bid them adue.

7. Breathe. 10 minutes of pranyama and meditation in the morning. An excellent practice to incorporate in to a busy life, effectively soothes the mind like vapour rub on a chesty cough.

8. Write it all down. Journal about the things that get you excited and add vitality to your life. Likewise journal about the things/people/situations that drain you of energy. Jot goals of how you can create more of the lovely, vital, yummy things and less of the scabby, draining, over it things.

9. Create from love. Make something special for someone you care about. Cook pancakes for your flatmate next Saturday. Make your Mum a photo book of all your special memories together. Give it with no expectation of what you’ll receive.

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