Where there's a will there's a way

27 January, 2018

This time of year we’re swamped with messages about creating goals and healthy habits.  Loathsome ideas like ‘New Year, New You’ are plastered on every magazine cover in the supermarket.  Of course imagining our fabulous new habits is the easy part.  It’s often the following through that we mere mortals have trouble with.   

If only I had the motivation to get up at 6am and do my meditation every day. 
If only I had the motivation to practice my guitar. 
If only I had the motivation to chop some vegetables and plug in the juicer.

If I had $1 for every time a friend or student told me “I just don’t have the energy”, I’d have at least one new Karen Walker dress by now.

What I’ve learnt recently is there is something much bigger at play when it comes to our success than merely being motivated.   When it comes to our success, it’s the tuning in to our ‘will’ that often leads to our success.    

Once we’ve clarified our broader vision for our lives, the direction we’d like to see things go, we need to spend some time tuning in and listening to our higher selves and believing in the story of why we’re going to have that experience.  

Easy to say – but how can you tune into your own ‘will’?

There are two easy practices to get you on the path.

First, vision boarding.  I’ve been creating vision boards for the last five years, it’s a pleasant ritual that creates actual results.  I’m not going to over egg it and say I manifested every image I put up there, but I’d go as far to say I’ve manifested 40%, which has been pleasantly affirming. You can too.

Secondly, meditation.  Sometimes our lives are incredibly noisy, we float on the surface of our experience, afraid of what lies in the depths of our consciousness.  In our meditation practice we are invited to dive deep in to that world, dive deep in to ourselves.  Through this process of becoming still, surrendering, we break with old patterns of being and allow fresh, shiny experiences to arise. 

Vision boarding and mediation are tangible, do-able practices that bring us closer to our ‘will’.  And when our innermost self supports our actions, the will of our heart, we are unstoppable.

In my A Yogafied Life mentoring sessions I provide support and guidance to my clients in helping them create their own personal vision and direction.  I then mentor them in developing their own personal meditation practice, which helps to clear the space for that new vision to arise.  It’s a two-part process – going hand in hand equally and effectively. 

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Much love


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