Welcome beautiful soul! Thanks for being here.

If you’ve found me, it’s probably because you’re seeking something a little more in life, you know you’re on a DIY journey of self-improvement, however you’d like some tips for your road trip, some inspiration for your sails.

Let me tell you a secret that the most highly successful, abundant, happy and influential women know. 

When you are in alignment with the creative project your mind AND soul desire to manifest, then your life is going to feel 100% gratifying and contented. 

My name is Kate Southward and I am a Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Coach, mother to two gorgeous souls, writer and anxiety survivor based in Auckland, New Zealand. 

My purpose is to connect with beautiful souls like yourself and support you on your journey to becoming as luminous, original and successful as you might become. 

I see women in my life struggling to define their own identity and talents.

In my daily yoga practice I am able to connect with my own inner calm.  This mindfulness radiates outwards positively in all areas of my life, but especially in my relationships with my children and partner. 

The clarity helps me to create space for myself everyday and continue to grow my own life in a way that is unique and independent to me.

It is not dependent on getting to a yoga class now and again, or streaming a class online.  I do not need to be in a calm corner of the house hidden from my toddlers. 

It is a simple, effortless technique to become grounded and calm, even when life is hailing curve balls. 

If you’re committed to creating lasting, meaningful change in your life, then click here to make a coaching appointment today and I will personalise these practices to suit you, your lifestyle and your journey.

Love Kate xx