Do you want to unlock your spiritual potential, nurture your health and happiness, and conquer the stresses in your life?

Then you need yoga.

Hi there! I am Kate Southward and I provide one on one Yoga Coaching, small group classes and workshops in Auckland, New Zealand.

This is my story...

I began my career as a school teacher and then moved to online publishing. While I enjoyed aspects of the work, I found myself feeling increasingly unfulfilled and resentful. This presented in my body as tension, and in my life as disappointment.

In 2006, I was living in Sydney and started a regular asana practise (the physical part).  Almost immediately, I began to notice a difference in my mood and energy levels. It was hard to believe the positive changes that yoga was making to my life in a few short months.

In 2010, I received my first meditation technique in London. I became more responsible for my own happiness, and discovered the untapped reservoir of creativity and potential that lay within me. I was inspired to share this knowledge with others. So, I decided to once again become a teacher, but this time a teacher of yoga.

Since starting on this journey I have been provided world class learning opportunities.  

  • In 2012 I trained under Australia's premier Yoga Teacher Training school 'Yoga Coach' with my teacher Mark Breadner

  • I completed hundreds of hours of assisting teachers at Sydney's esteemed Body Mind Life studio

  • Taught at several top Sydney yoga schools 

Throughout my travels I have practised under and taken workshops with some of the best yoga and meditation teachers in the world. However, I have ultimately come to appreciate that the best teacher we have is already within us. 

With my experience and growing understanding of the inner self, I have set about developing a coaching program within the wider science of yoga to help support my clients to reach their highest potential.  

Whether you are a first time mum, nervous about the birth of your child or an overwhelmed corporate, crippled by fatigue, my unique coaching system is a powerful investment in you. 

By following my own methods, I continue to grow my own energy container. Every day is a constant practice of being 'on purpose'.  


I like to remind myself from time to time through life - the good times, the hard times, the maintenance times - of this truth: well-being is our natural state.

You only need to look at a young infant to observe this. Blissfully unaware of the ego, young children are totally present in the now and not caught up in the past or an imagined future.  When babies sit up for the first time, even as young as seven months old, their spines are straight as arrows.  

As I write this my son is crawling and learning to walk, most days my partner and I struggle to keep up with him. You'll often hear parents lament "they're in to everything!". Eternally curious, young children have not blocked-off access to their natural energy and well-being. 

As adults if we allowed our natural well-being:

  • We would hardly ever be ill or have accidents

  • We would thrive everyday doing something we didn't consider "work" and be abundantly successful doing it

  • If we sought a loving relationship, that person would arrive perfectly on-time

All the while accessing an ever flowing, abundant energy source. An energy that you could choose to direct in to any creative project that your heart so desired. 

The practice of yoga is the work that will reconnect you with this innate energy.  

For most westerners yoga is a physical practice with a spiritual component. Actually the opposite is true: yoga is a spiritual practice with a small physical component.  

Many of my new students will begin by exclaiming 'I'm not flexible enough to practise yoga!' however this is not in the slightest bit important. All we are requiring of the body is to open gently, mobilising the joints safely and returning to a state of flow and well-being. 

Coaching with me is not a lesson in gymnastics. My students come from all walks of life: parents, business people, university students, healers. I work with the body where it's at, from beginners to the more experienced.

Yoga is an ancient science which has been practised for more than 6000 years.  I do not use the word science flippantly here.  If we view our lives as the experiment and start introducing regular yoga - the whole practice: asana (posture), meditation (attention) pranayama (breath energy) - the positive results in your life will shock you.