Can you relate?

I am about showing up and being present.  I am committed to you, so you can be committed to your big audacious dream.  Learning to show up for myself is something my yoga practice has taught me.  I am 100% committed to exploring my personal practice, so I can hold the broad space required for my clients to do the healing and growing they desire.

I love writing about alignment with purpose.  I stand for women independently developing their passionate creative projects.  I believe in your ability to transform your life from something mediocre, to something extraordinary. 

My definition of wellbeing includes daily meditation and dancing wildly to pop music.  I adore hearing about your dreams and heartfelt intentions. 

I believe that when you’re in communion with your heart, what you truly desire can manifest in your life in a matter of weeks.  I have seen the incredible power yoga has to shift an individual’s life experience.  

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma in Secondary Education, 700 hours of Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training and many years experience of practice, research and teaching.  But somedays I feel like nothing has qualified me more than my journey in motherhood. 

I love the term namaste.  The light within me recognises the light within you.  In right relationship, amazing things are possible. 

Kate x