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Yoga coaching is much different to attending an asana class in a yoga studio where you are one of up to twenty students to the teacher. 

Through one-on-one yoga coaching with me we can focus on specific issues you are dealing with within your life.  I will tailor a yoga asana practice specific to your body's requirements and level of experience.  Classes are 70 minutes long and held at my home yoga studio, 20 Seaview Ave, Northcote, Auckland or via Skype globally.  

One of our main goals will be showing you how to develop a personal practice and giving you the confidence and motivation to practise at home, independently.  

You will also explore meditation and pranayama breathing techniques that you would rarely be introduced to in a group class. These will help to clear all the clutter and stress in your life so that your body and mind can begin its innate healing process.  

On this journey we will

Explore your true purpose in life and get you more closely aligned with this 

Undergo a functional assessment of the body to observe tensions and release them 

Learn yin and yang asana postures to release the body of tension and toxins 

Receive meditation and pranayama breath techniques to practise regularly to release stress

Enjoy internal and external well being and happiness 

Bring your awareness to habits that you unconsciously repeat to prevent your own growth 

You are a suitable student for yoga coaching if you are... 

  • Curious about your greater purpose in life

  • Someone who wants to be the best version of themselves 

  • Eager to be healthier, more attractive, nourished 

  • Someone who likes to feel the fear and do it anyway

  • Quite frankly over the direction your life has taken and looking for a miracle 

  • Know somewhere in your heart you have something incredible to offer the world 

You are not a suitable student for yoga coaching if you are... 

  • Only interested in flexibility and hand-stands 

  • Looking to join a religious cult or have your palm read 


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I am happy to reschedule classes with you where it's difficult for you to attend. If possible please notify me 24 hours before if you cannot attend.

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